Accuracii ML - Advanced Dual Channel Short-Mid Range Cameras

Vumii Accuracii ML is a powerful day-and-night, multi-sensor observation system especially developed for security applications. It allows mid-range detection and observation using state-of-the-art 17µ 640 x 480 thermal camera technology. Vumii’s Accuracii ML features either a 15-100mm Continuous Zoom head or a 45/135mm dual field of view head for day and night operation and a 1/4” CCD camera for daytime operation.
Vumii Accuracii ML is ideal for both the detection and assessment of security threats. Vumii Accuracii ML is ruggedized to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity and dust.

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High Quality
Superb 24/7 night and day thermal camera performance

Innovative Features
Unique image processing and enhanced contrast for video analytics systems including Vumii’s innovative Fire Detection

Advanced Optics
Continuous Zoom and Dual Field of View, Motorized, AutoFocus Lenses provide superb night vision functionality

Rugged Design
Designed and certified to IP66, hot, cold, dusty, and other harsh environments


Accuracii ML comes standard with both a thermal and CCD camera. The 1/4″ color CCD camera uses a continuous zoom 3.3 – 119mm lens and the unit is integrated with a continuous 360° pan/tilt positioner. Several options are available for the thermal camera configuration.

Thermal Imager:

  • 17μ 640 x 480 NTSC/PAL
  • 25μ 384 x 288 PAL
  • 25μ 320 x 240 NTSC

Thermal Optics:

  • Dual Field of View 45/135mm
  • Continuous Zoom 15-100mm

Additional Options:

  • Electronics Unit – AC Power, TCP/IP video and communication (optional)
  • Laser Range Finder
  • GPS